Have you ever  been priced out of buying the latest toy? Opened the packaging to wonder why it was so over priced? Would a 30-60% discount help?

A little over 18 months ago,We researched how to source top quality high street brands but be able to massively undercut the high street. We wanted to make top shelf "dream toys" a reality. We found that every high street retailer gets returns, people change their mind, boxes get damaged and these are sold off in bulk at a massive discount. As we bought pallets full of unknown items we knew we needed to keep costs down to ensure a bargain basement price. We thought about opening a shop but the associated costs would be extremely high and the savings we were hoping to pass on would be eaten up, so we worked from home, having toys stored all over our house and garden. In the coming months we realised it wasn't big enough or accessible for the lorry loads of stock we were going to be turning over so we then opened our own industrial unit to store all our stock before testing and selling, this allows us again to keep costs down to a minimum. The Discount Den are able to offer quality tested toys at 30-60% of the RRP, the packaging might not be pristine however the massive discounts are real.


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